I have a newer version of this printer at work – HP – and although it too is a good printer, the C is better styled, better looks and I feel a better printer. The minimum size from the Macintosh is the same as from Windows, x mm 3. After the rollers get a few years old the rubber dries out and then it does not feed as well. You guys should see the happy look in many costumers faces when they saw their printer print a fine quality picture 5 minutes after fixing “the big problem”. Mine does the same thing and I’ve tried all the same with no change. I am having streaky results, even with a new cartridge. If everyone returns their faulty cartridges, maybe HP will get the idea.

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A lot of these cartridges seem to be bad from the start. I was given a hp deskjet c with two new cartridges because it would only print black, tried the soak thing 30 120c in a cup of boiling waterPERFECTO!! I had inserted a fresh cartridge when the cyan stopped printing, thinking that the half-used cartridge had a problem.

HP Deskjet 1220C Professional Series Printer – Preferences Tab

Then I started having the same printing issues as everyone on this thread. This can take some time. It could be you ran out of the other colors first. I found this page using a Google search for “printer prints pink”.


These cartridges have on the top part little vent holes I drilled a hole in the yellow vent hole and another in the pink vent hole and blew as hard as I could thru the holes and presto pink and yellow started coming out.

Can anyone tell me if the prrint are serviceable or is it time for a new printer?

HP Deskjet 1220c and 1180c Professional Series Printer – Printing Internal Tests

I had this problem with three HP 78 cartidges prinh my G I have a C with the same problem, only pages printed!! I am so glad that I kept all of them! Tried the soak method and now i have a great printer and years worth of carts! I am having the same god damn problem with mine, i didnt know there were so many victams.

Something so simple fixed the problem. Hey Babe don’t knock Brothers, i have 2 printers, faxstelephone and etc, outfits that are perfect.

Most HP printers have no idea what the date is, so the idea that the cartridges are set up to fail based on date 1220x hold up. I located the site with the directions for resetting from a link from a forum on this site. Found this forum before I opened the second new cartridge.

Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. Thanks to all you guys for posting your suggestions. Same “pink problem” with my HP Deskjet se.

Reviews: HP-DeskJetC-Standard-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

I tried and one bled all colors on a paper towel but didn’t work in the printer. Btw, the first time I popped one of my cartridges into the MW, I put it in for a minute and after about 40 seconds, I could hear the ink boiling inside. I finally got it working by giving the ink cartridge a really good shaking in the cradle jaming it in very firmly. I had to soak it in hot water twice. The black only needed like a 5 minute bath but the blue needed a half hour bath.


Slide the Alternative Top Media Feed paper width adjuster in until it presses lightly against the paper stack. In the dialog box, select Setup. It worked like a champ! A Print Preview button is also provided on the confirmation dialog to allow previewing the entire document before it prints. If this one lasts as long as the C, which is still going strong, it’ll still be around inif we’re still using paper then. Set the paper source to In Tray default or Manual Feed. I also cleaned all the contacts.

To test this process I used the older cartridge. Mine is currently only printing black and blue with one cartrige and no colours with the other.