The latency requirements for these links are as follows: As Coraid delivers additional features at the array level, their platform becomes a real contender across the rest of the enterprise. Unless otherwise noted, all fibre channel storage products are supported in a boot from SAN configuration. To obtain diagnostic output, issue the sos command. It is supported fully in ESX 3.

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For example, a high-end Web application could leverage 24 or 36 SSDs in a single array, while a virtual desktop environment might combine 6 SSDs for shared boot images with 30 SATA drives for high-capacity file storage. Coraid or its partners may offer maintenance and support and services separately. As Coraid delivers additional features at the array level, their platform becomes a real contender across the rest of the enterprise. Taking a Holistic Approach to Storage Performance.

You can add additional EtherDrive HBAs to your host if you have unusual security or bandwidth requirements or if your storage exceeds the limitations of your operating system.

Looking for information on VMware product compatibility by version? Why Not Ethernet over Ethernet?

No partitions are necessary. This feature also provides flexibility as needs change. Silver 1, views pages. Click here to Read Important Support Information.

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration …

Your Email Please enter a valid e-mail address. This type of adapter can be a card that presents a standard network adapter and iSCSI offload functionality for the same port. If the Software is a version that Licensee has converted or exchanged from a valid licensed prior version, Licensee agrees that by using the Software it will no longer use the prior version.

Looking for products verified and supported by partners? Licensee shall not and winfows not allow hna third party to i wihdows, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer or attempt to reconstruct or discover any source code, or underlying ideas or algorithms of the Software except to the extent expressly permitted under applicable law ; ii provide, lease, lend, use for timesharing or otherwise use or allow others to use the Software to or for the benefit of third parties; iii except as specified in the applicable user documentation, modify, incorporate into or with other hardware or software, or create a derivative work of any part of the Software; iv disseminate performance information or analysis from any source relating to the Software; v make any copies of the Software winddows as required to use the Software as licensed hereunder, except for one 1 copy solely for archival and back-up purposes, or vi remove any product identification, copyright notice or croaid proprietary legend from the Software.


The interconnection between the servers and the storage is a standard Layer 2 Ethernet switch running jumbo frames. The Coraid SRX line may be the perfect balance of those capabilities, especially for users that are leveraging storage management features at the file system and hypervisor layers.

Windows Failover Clustering is not supported in this configuration. gba

Coraid EtherDrive HBA for RHEL and CentOS (Linux) Administration – TechyLib

Each shelf can support a variety of Ethernet port configurations up to a maximum of 4x10GbE winfows or 6x1GbE ports. Please refer to the third party product’s documentation for details on right procedures for installation, upgrade or removal. There are two drivers available: It is recommended that you connect both ports to the SAN.

Partner Verified and Supported Products.

For these customers, the ideal solution is a high-performance SAN that installs easily, without a dozen expensive software line items tacked on. Nihon Unisys Nimble Storage, Inc.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Coraid and its licensors retains all right, title, and interest in and to the Software, all copies and derivative works thereof by whomever producedand in all related copyrights, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and any other intellectual and industrial property and proprietary rights, including registrations, applications, renewals, and extensions of such rights anywhere in the world.


This configuration does not allow for multipathing, any type of failover, or sharing of LUNs between multiple hosts. For ESX version requirements for these operating systems in cluster environment, please refer to http: Please select a Subject.

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It is supported fully in ESX 3. Before installing VMware ESX software with your storage array, please examine the lists on the following pages to find out whether your array winodws configuration are supported.

What’s new in XenServer views 10 slides. In addition Licensee must remove all copies of the Software, including all backup copies, from any server and all computers and terminals on which it is installed. You acknowledge that this Agreement is a complete statement of the agreement between you and Coraid coraiv respect to the Software, ha that there are no other prior or contemporaneous understandings, promises, representations, or descriptions with respect to the Software.

In fact, many customers are growing increasingly frustrated with paying for these features twice — once at the virtualization layer, and again in the array.

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