Screen Display Mode Basic operation 4. Registering and editing a destination Item Description [Create new window] Displays the contents of the URL registered as the home page with a new win- dow. When you print a combined document, [Combine] and [Zoom] are not available. Users can only view the Web browser opera- tion settings and information.

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Black and White Copiers

By arranging the frequently-used setting values and copy program keys in the basic screen, you can config- ure the copy settings easily only by pressing the key. VAT Plus shipping costs.

Then the document file is saved in the User Box. Press [Address Book Personal ]. The displayed con- tents are printed.

Toner cartridge for Olivetti D-Color MF

Icon Name Description Back Brings you back to the previous page. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Configuring the Web Browser settings 4. Reference For a document retrieved from an external memory, the [Preview] function is not available.

Up to five windows can be opened. View the reference as required.


Colod If a password has been specified for the selected User Box, the password input screen appears. If this box is full, it must be exchanged.

Customizing the application keys 1 and 2 Customizing the application keys 1 and 2 To fit the use status, the function to be assigned to the application keys 1 and 2 can be changed. Find out more here about Toners. Conventions used in this manual Conventions used in this manual 1. Toolbar Toolbar Toolbar The toolbar on the top of the Web Browser screen allows you to perform various operations and configure various settings.


While checking the thumbnail images, you can select the moving position. Reference Groups cannot be copied between the public address book and My Address Book. Key Symbols Conventions used in this manual Reference This symbol indicates a reference. When you print a combined document, [Combine] and [Zoom] are not available. With such a great range of models and manufacturers, you’ll love our selecti Copor to two shortcut keys can be laid out. Display [Create One-Touch Destination].

Operating Image Panel If you specify an address, the send tray appears.


Selecting a favorite allows you to access the corresponding URL. Reference For details on the [Application Menu], refer to page You can reference the past inputs. User Web Connection to mt220 documents in the direct print mode.

D-COLOR MF220-MF280-MF360

Page 54 Using the User Box function Select the check box for the document to be deleted, and then press [Delete].

Overview Of Each Function Overview of each function Overview Overview of each function The following describes the overview of each function.

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For details, refer to the reference described below. The allowable rotation angles are left 90 degrees, right 90 degrees, and degrees. Page – Copying destinations from My Address Boo Configuring settings to enable use of the Web browser 4.