The actual rates depend on the data acquisition board and other hardware used. Module icons are placed on the screen and connected with wires in a schematic diagram, which represents the flow of data through the system. Navigate to the bottom of the page for the IOtech downloads. Are you running the enhanced driver? Test and Measurement Software. The older “standard” driver only supports only IOtech board at a time.

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Connection lines represent the signal flux. Message 7 of 8.

This will open the FTP location, which has a folder for each board type. Message 3 of 8.

All functions can be customized intuitively via configuration dialogs to the respective element. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Pulse generators can be used for exact time dependent control, even with complex control signals. At the hardware level, devices may be designated as slave ennanced and acquire data at even clock divisions of the master clock rate.

Solved: Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Wolfgang Paul Kruger wolfg. Execution timed out for search bot, exceeded 2,ms. Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab. This single virtual device architecture forces from the DASYLab software perspective all input channels to acquire data at the same sample rate. The release version doesn’t affect it – but the driver availability may affect it.


Even more complex applications enyanced measurement and control tasks are solved with DASYLab quickly and without external programming. The actual rates depend on the data acquisition board and other hardware used.

The module icons can be connected manually or, using the integrated Autorouter feature, wire paths will be determined automatically. Message 8 of 8. Data Acquisition with ARM.

These events can automatically cause certain action. Upgrade from latest Basic to Full. The dialog box allows you to easily add configured hardware. Thank you for all the help you have been in the past. The IOtech drivers handle padding scans of slow devices in the data buffer to create a uniform input data stream.

The results can also be displayed as bar graphs, analog and digital meters, and status lamps. Here’s what the user guide to the enhanced driver says: The operator can interact with the displays while the system is running, changing the X, Y or time scales, selecting data channels to be displayed, or even looking back in time on the chart recorder.

Accepted by topic author JockeR. Each device will use its own clock for the timebase, or you can override it and use software clocking. Using the action modules, you can print a display window, change the characteristics of a display window, or even change the whole display.


The older “standard” driver only supports only IOtech board at a time. Multiple DaqBoards in Dasylab Solved!

DASYLab Data Acquisition System

And as easily you place these visualization elements on a layout page, where you can scale and customize it. This, in combination with the mathematical functions, can be used to generate complex wave forms. Description Solve acquisition problems in just a few minutes The easy-to-use DASYLab software helps you solve complex data acquisition and control scenarios easily and quickly by working with a flowchart directly on the screen. If you want to combine the data, for example into one ASCII file, you may find that timing differences may affect you.

User definable icons include the ability to xasylab a Black Box icon containing many icons, enhancing the usability for large worksheets.