It’s possible your device will work.. This stick lacks the ESD protection at the tuner input. Gain is adjustable in 0. It should be linear enough to handle all in-band interferers and GSM interferer. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Searching for one of the Windows registry keys of my dongle, which was from win-buy88 and looks like the Hama Nano to ExtIO, yields the following:. For example AMD series chipsets e.

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I am assuming you just used two of the three solder points? The bad news is that the manufacturer left xibcom ESD protection diode out. Caution on the 2nd one listed: The algorithm implemented takes into account the potential presence of an analog adjacent channel.

The gain balance between the RF and the BB is handled automatically, either in hardware or in software. Clone of yuan-high-tech-stkph but not working yet?

[linux-dvb] dibcom 7070 support

The symptoms are that they can not find any channels. CMOS demodulator output interface Open Drain demodulator output interface Demodulator output interface mode selection Use lock output on ribcom interface Use empty?


So it’s changed from presumably with the E to thewith the FC tuner. USB device 0x is confirmed to have tuner mxlt. Anysee E30 Combo Plus. Maybe 70770 is a clone of the Conexant Hybrid Reference design? Apparentely it is not possible to distinguish between rev. The enable is only valid for the bytes of the frame.

Normally they share a tuner. Newer kernels supported via this way [6]. I haven’t any crashes with it, and have been able to hear FM channels, but using gqrx it seems you change the frequency, but it doesn’t, but the numbers shown do. In both cases, the re-sampling frequencys the same and it is equal to No additional firmware file is needed.

DiBcom DiB7xxx – LinuxTVWiki

The enumeration process ends when the default I2 C address is not acknowledged. May be worth investigating if no other options exist.

The maximum IQ phase imbalance supported is 30 degrees. This device looks identical to the A and has the same model number on the box but has a different chip inside.

Sorry for my bad English.

DIB7070PB1 7070PB1 DiBcom/BGA

The all-CMOS technology offers very low power consumption which adapts automatically to the signal quality. Just a word of warning: This is now on a wiki, dibdom here for the latest version I’m starting a new post because the amount of comments in the last one were making things a bit hard to manage.

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I was going by the word of the seller who said it had the RTL chipset. I dibocm not have specific performance numbers, but it is fully compatable. Some “broken” devices where sold with cold id: The frequency range is determined by the tuner chip e.

RTL-SDR compatibility list v.2 [work in progress, please help!] : RTLSDR

Or buy a device with better support. Please be aware that: Sold as Mac exclusive, but exterior seems to be the same as dnt EuroStick. If 4 the GPIO4 will be the pwm2.

In germany a similar device seems to be sold dibckm dnt EuroMini []. Tuner change from E to FC