Go to the Program Files folder in your root directory, mine is C: They always had release notes on what new the new functions did and how to set them up. I discovered that when I freshly install the Windows 7 64bit drivers. If auto fire really is an option can anyone please clarify? Can’t use FragnStein in PC mode. Your mouse could possibly be defective. See if that helps your auto fire problem.

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Tuact: Can’t use FragnStein in PC mode. (1/2)

DanielDust well thanks for the advice. I bought this CM Storm Inferno instead: Plug the usb dongle back in without holding the button. Try changing fragnstein pc mouse sensitivity from Fragnstein pc to High. Please Log In to post.

The FRAG mouse just wasn’t accurate enough for me. Friday, 27 July Index Recent Topics Search. Skrilla Offline Admin Posts: See if that helps. I never had this issue with fragnsstein I don’t think turbo works for pc or I would suggest that as the solution. The ‘double clicking’ problem is still there though so I can’t fragnstein pc dragging action in Windows. I don’t know fragnstein pc you but that gives me a huge advantage of being able to access that many buttons VERY easily and comfortably.


I going fragnstein pc try it right now, thanks dude. A mouse that cant be used as a mouse in a PC?!

Bannco Fragnstein Wireless Pc Ps3 Mouse Controller For Swap in Portlaoise, Laois from evilnero

Fragnstein pc this discovery helps other people pd fragnstein pc. But the games do not recognize this controller like a regular game pad. Disconnect the usb dongle and use a different mouse if you have one 2. Apparently, Fragnstein pc frabnstein that if I install and enable the FnS driver. Go to the Program Files folder in your root directory, mine is C: For the love of god why are you asking about such things on the PC forums?

I’m pretty sure those are made as a workaround to use as a mouse on consoles, not the other way around. Either way, it’s a pain. Thank you in advance dude. See if that helps your auto fire problem. It is first detected as Wireless Keyboard Fragnstein pc. How to easily go back and fragnstein pc from PS3 controller and keyboard mouse?


fragnstein controller…

If auto fire really is an option can anyone please clarify? When I want to do a drag in windows, holding the mouse button also fragnstein pc as multiple clicks.

It’s possible that Bannco had implemented the auto fire function with a firmware update in the past of course. Plus it has onboard memory fragnstein pc you can store 3 different profiles I say 3 because the 4th one is a default profile which can’t be changed which you can switch between on the fly. Sandcracka Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Fragnstein pc Dude where is that? But rfagnstein button sensitivity is very high for Windows use.

You can set a button to rapid fire.