Before I had a Floppy drive hooked up to install the drivers, but although XP installation with F6 could identify the drivers on the floppy, when it came to copying the files later in the install process it gave errors. In order to utilize the front audio header, your chassis must have front audio connector. Salmon Motherboard Checklist Contents specifications summary I wanted to see where my components stood on this board so i primed it for 8 hours like that. Congratulate you have accomplished the saving. Remove Backup Image 4. My neo2 needed 1.

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Default value Enabled Enable Modem Ring on function. Install Expansion Cards 1.

Gigabyte Technology GA-K8NS Pro, Socket , AMD Motherboard | eBay

Pin 1 location on the Socket and Processor. Removing the heatsink under such conditions can cause the processor to be removed from the socket without moving the socket lever to the unlocked position and then damage the processor pins or socket contacts.

To find out if the chassis you are buying support front audio connector, please contact your dealer. Bumped it up to now. Old Chipset and no vdd control: Actual usuage might vary but por seems to be as good as MSI is short of voltage options. Geert, Dec 19, There might be a little indirect airflow over the mosfets, but no I wouldn’t say it cools them.


But I force to use the driver on the flop.

ppro The “Xpress Install” uses the”click and Go” technology to install the drivers ga-k8hs. If having problems with BH5 ram, try the following: I have tested it and you lose minimal performance but gain maximum stability.

I would have purch ased the epox, but it has bonehead sata port placement. Wil they work together? Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. Disabled Disable onboard Serial port 1. Is this better than Neo2?????????? Default doesn’t include the “Shunter” to prevent from improper use this jumper.

Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce3 Overview – CNET

Also please make sure the pin assignment on the ga-l8ns is the same as the pin assigment on the MB header. Power Management Setup This setup page includes all the items of Green function features. Please contact your nearest dealer for optional external device cable.

Vicious computer viruses may wipe out your entire system BIOS. Here is the highest I’ve gone yet, I could get more but I’m going to wait until I can get some better cooling. Pull the lever to the degree directly. The heatsink hangs over the dimm slots, but just high enough that you can get ram in and out if you are careful, and this means that a mm fan is blowing over your first two dimms which make Dual channel in this board.


Still can’t sqta higher that Mhz HTT. Hi all, I have a problem with installing XP Pro on my computer. Please note that any interruption during updating will cause system unbooted. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers.

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The first board I had gave me problems – many problems. On the Asus A8V, this ram would do rated speed 1: Ram is easy to mod too with 3. Please search for BIOS unzip file, downloading from internet or any other methods. You have a few seconds to press F10 before the window disappears.