Learn More at truthfinder. Beyond the techie- talk, the look of the VRS Covert 2. Related Questions My 3w, 5w and 4h are starting to be really consistent and long, but I am still having issues with my driver, mainly with slicing. What am I doing wrong? Now, Nike says they moves COG forward, thus making the club more forgiving. Searching for a particular shaft now after hitting the Covert..

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Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver

CTplayer Jan 29, at 2: Thank you for your feedback! Now, Nike says they moves COG forward, thus making the club more forgiving. Danny Jan 28, at 7: A Standing at address with the club face neutral, Parallel to the ball leg stance shoulder width apart, ball position lined up with your left heel For a driver.

That is way more destructive then a slice. Bill Henwood Jan adjsut, at What kind of driver should I use to get started in a long drive competition? These manufacturers are marketing to people that are in search of the wrong things.

Everything you want to know about the Nike Covert Driver – GolfWRX

Nike has done nothing but produce sweat shop crap for years. Bill Gabbert Feb 11, at 9: The only thing that helps a hook or a slice is practice. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. With K followers on Twitter and a website as well, No Laying Up have become one of the most popular B Using the above address – You can try closing the club face grip driver so that club face is in a slight left face position at address if you still produce a left to right ball flight.


Kris Jan 29, at 2: Check out photos of the Fujikura shaft, with the Wilson driver tip, here. But most weekend golfers will never get the potential of any of this equipment.

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Published 19 hours ago on Nov 7, Is it a push, slice? Published 21 hours ago on Nov 7, Does the ball start left and then slice to the right?

Why is it that when watching a pro golf tournament the ball always seem to head off to the right when viewing the player from behind? It would be better for you to understand how your swing path is causing a slice so you can correct it with your swing.

Instruction 4 weeks ago. It really is a nice club and look forward to playing with it on course and seeing if it delivers!! How do I fix that? Ugly as Mick Jagger in a tutu, but would be forgiving. How much does using the right golf ball and driver affect the distance of your drive?


Our color-coded launch profile system has been a hit on the PGA Tour and across our charter dealer network. E See a Professional Golf Instructor to develop the correct swing habits. To be honest, changing the club itself will make little difference.

Just someone please explains physics part to me.

Nike Adjust VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Fairway Wood

Tour News 1 month ago. Loft adjustability is unparalleled and the whole thing is clean despite the red paint and swoosh. What he meant, as he explains in that video, is that most of us hold the club too lightly with our left hand – especially with the little pinky, ring finger and the middle finger – which causes casting which causes the slice.