DerpTrolling ‘brains’ Austin Thompson faces up to 10 years in prison. It didn’t just make many cutting edge soundcards like Creatives Live! The reason that I write this email is to point out that in the complaint email written under “Where is our Sound Storm matey? The only reason why did I buy my last motherboard was soundstorm chip, and only reason becouse I wait for nforce 4 was soundstorm Chip on motherboard. I think thats a big mistake and they might have underestimated the power of the soundstorm.

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Not one with same analogue solution as others, but a Sound Storm based one? We are expecting Nvidia’s comments on your points and we thank you for dropping us a line. Nvidia are a bunch of rude content If there was one thing that was going to really going to get them above the competition was the inclusion of SoundStorm 2. I had a nice, stable Via setup before with Audigy soundcard.

Fuad Abazovic 20 October Tweet.

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Lack of features anyone? After the demise of SoundStorm, codec chips such as the Realtek have become standard integrated audio solutions, with audio processing nvjdia offloaded on the host processor. Jul 1, at 3: I would however grant that people that are building these systems probably don’t tell the place of purchase what the board is being bought for so possibly Nvidia don’t get that feedback.


I don’t see any compelling reason to choose it soundstoorm default over the competition, either. Its just a check box to send out via digital as well as analog. Oh, but I hear you say theirs onboard firewall, a gigabit, 2 gigabit, 10zillion gigabyte LAN For home, I usually buy a motherboard every year.

Probably as good as home jvidia get. I think nVidia wants to have the cake and eat it too. Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. Now that they’ve abandoned it, I put a different receiver in, and am using a plain old Audigy 2.

ATI will also have a good solution. It seems their GeForce 6 designs are very competitive if you ignore the facts that the Ultra versions were paper launched again. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that as a direct result of this approach the last 3 graphics cards I’ve had have been based on Nvidia processors, and I have recommended the same to many less tech-savvy friends.

Buying my Abit NF7-S rev 2. It sounds like you do.


Not having Sound Storm was pretty much the decider. What in the world are they doing nvidia now?

We are the consumers, and it’s our choice to spend extra on the technology we see is superior. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that petition has had any impact, so I welcome the chance you are giving me to pass on my thoughts on to Nvidia through a different channel.


However, nVidia is such a high profile company, and it is loved by many and so Creative Labs couldn’t play dirty without every single move heavily scrutinized, unlike it is now where they just wave a wand and for a couple million dollars they purchase Sensaura. This is as simple as I can make it.

Readers pound on Nvidia’s Sound Storm door | TheINQUIRER

I’ve been holding out for that chipset mainly because of the new tech. I’m eagerly awaiting the nVidia SLI setup, and it would be perfect when it could be combined soundstor, Sound Storm, 1 or 2.

The dominant word was disappointed, and the dominant feeling was disappointment. If they had kept soundstorm in, even as an expensive option, I would have stuck with them.

NVIDIA SoundStorm

The nForce2 APU was a purely digital component, and that motherboard manufacturers still had to use codec chips such as the from Realtek for the audio output functions, including the necessary digital to analog conversion DAC. Download now to learn more. Len Layton from C-Media here.