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Email Subject is missing. Price may not reflect all vendor special pricing discounts. Full-height PCI Express card 8 in. Sorry, but you can only have qle252 products at a time.

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Plus, the series is optimized for virtualization, RAS reliablility, availablity, serviceabilitysecurity, and management, transforming server connectivity into a competitive advantage. Refer to the manufacturer for additional explanations. Selections made on this page will not be saved. Your order will be reviewed and you will be advised if any changes are required. Cisco Data Transfer Rate: For over 15 years, QLogic has been a technological leader with products that address the current slogic of customers, yet provide strong investment protection to support emerging technologies and standards.


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QLogic Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Qle2562-ck Qle2562

The sku you are ordering exceeds the maximum qty limit for this bid. Standard pricing will now be applied. The current basket has reached the maximum number of line items QLogic StarPower technology offers dynamic and adaptive power management features such as power and bandwidth optimized intelligent PCI Express link training, low-power switching power supplies, and thermally efficient layout requiring lower airflows.

Are you sure you want to cancel? Low-profile PCI Express card 6. Bid prices are available for this item. Price and shipping values may not be current if you continue to print this page.

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Change Bid Remove Bid. The QLE allows multiple logical virtual connections to share the same physical port.

Specifications are provided by the manufacturer. Change Bid Remove Bid Bid prices are available for this item. Please note that replacing a product in your basket with a suggested product will remove all user-specific information from the line. Package Size and Weight.


Only one bid is allowed per vendor. Cisco Manufacturer Part Number: The sku you are ordering exceeds the remaining qty for this bid. Each logical connection has its own resources and the ability to be managed independently.

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