News Reviews Insights TechRadar. The side concave design with the rubber grip panels make for a pretty sturdy grip and I haven’t ever felt that I was losing the mouse, during play. The second image shows the worst that I was able to produce with the mouse. The small mouse disappears completely even in small hands. If I place my fingers on the main buttons and move from side to side, they make a rattling noise due to the fact that the buttons are mostly free floating. Well, that and the rather high pricing….

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Thank you in advance for your answer.

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This hasn’t been an issue in CS: The two mouse keys are very smooth and can be pressed halfway into the mouse. Simply plug in the bundled or indeed any mini-USB lead roccat pyra you’ll be instantly wired up and charging.

The only way to make it harder would be to excise the omron switch and use a different one like TTC or Huano. There are currently no user reviews associated with this product. Unfortunately, you might end up spending a fair amount of time roccat pyra up, because the battery does seem to run down fairly quickly. Roccat pyra other side and middle buttons do require a greater amount roccat pyra force to activate, especially the wheel, but that’s something I could get used to and don’t see as a problem.


This same functionality allows the user to do on-the-fly DPI switching, with settings ofand dpi available. The cable also adds greater balance: I will say that after two weeks, there’s something about the mouse that feels somewhat odd I only get this feeling in sc2but that maybe because of the different sensor type i’m assuming my old logitech had an avago and still trying to get more used to the feel of the Pixart sensor. The side concave design with the rubber grip panels make for a pretty sturdy grip and I haven’t ever felt that I was losing the mouse, roccat pyra play.

D Anyway, no is actually way more than most people can actually use effectively in SC2. Thankfully, you can stow it away in roccat pyra wee compartment in the actual mouse itself.

A disadvantage of the Anywhere MX is the lacking option of roccat pyra the mouse without pya wired use. There’s only one rccat to find out for sure What is the Best Gaming Keyboard? The Pyra-design sends its regards to the Batmobile, or even the latest Alienware notebooks in terms of design.

Steam Sale top tips. I’ve been in the market for a new roccat pyra for a while now ever since I realized that the mouse I was using was roccat pyra exact opposite of what I needed.

If you’re into your notebook gaming then having a small, accurate, wireless mouse makes perfect sense. Sensitivity, DPI, Scroll, tilt speed. Roccat wants to accomplish this straddle with the Pyra.


The Roccat Pyra is a futuristic wireless gaming pya.

SC2 Rocdat Archives It may not be the best choice for extended sessions due to its small size. Microsoft announces the impending launch of its multi-touch Touch Mouse.

Thanks for roccat pyra review. Ergonomics I have basically a fingertip grip, except that the palm of my hand just barely touches the mouse it does not rest on the ;yra.

Roccat Pyra Wired specs – Engadget

Logitech’s smooth-tracking, comfy pjra keeps carpal tunnel at arm’s length. Roccat pyra most important function of a gaming mouse is undoubtedly its precision. On a first impression, I originally felt like the pyraa for my grip style was actually too short by about 15mm because of the size of my hands I can easily reach a 10th on a piano, or approx 9.

Microsoft Announces Touch Mouse. The roccat pyra traits of the somewhat larger pad are only marginally poorer though. On January 18 A minor disadvantage is, however, that you can only set the DPI level in three stepsand and only roccat pyra the driver menu.

The basic configuration screen will look familiar to anyone who owns a Roccat mouse.