I was able to make it on in regulation on both ‘bad’ Driver shots. You are right on the money. Posted July 19, If your right forearm is in the fail zone pictured at left For me, it got me hitting the ball crisper and more consistently. Loss of spine angle 3. There is a calculation for it but I can no longer find the golf digest article.

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Hi Doc, good technique, tempo, and balance are the key elements. Sign up for a new account in our community. My arms reach 10 o clock maximum. Sillybodkins on May 8, at 2: Tom Tucker on February 5, at 1: Daly can go way past horizontal and play well, the rest of us Previous Que descanse en paz, Severiano.

On the plus side I did hit a couple of really good drives which I haven’t done in forever.

The next thing you know, rather than trying to attain difficult physical positions you are practicing accelerating, and this is the path to more consistent ball striking and better scores. Anthony Kim does it. Want to join this community?


That will let you know where to turn too. So, if you drive the ball yards, then meters would be closer to meters. The reason I ask is that when I think the left arm is parallel when wihh at a ball and not rehearsing or doing drillsvideo shows I am performing a full swing.

Slow & Short Backswing

When I first started, I was in-fact only taking it back to parallel. So ignore where your club should be it’s not a reliable indicator and concentrate on turning the core of your body. Here’s how to know: Sign up for a new account in our community. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades. I had fallen into the habit of swinging for the fence and was lucky to have four or five drives in the short grass.

Instruction and Playing Tips Search In. Mo’Golf on May 9, at Don’t ask me the physics and sychology of this exactly but I do it myself sometimes and I see it happening very commonly.


Use the Wall Exercise to shorten backswing length – The GOLFTEC Scramble

Don’t worry about it! There is a good correlation between distance and handicap. Tempo time is the duration of time expended from the time you start your takeaway until the time your clubhead strikes the ball at impact.

It is a great drill and feel.

You are right on the money. Click here for video.

They mess around and their day-to-day existence suffers. My game completely falls apart without constant maintenance. A bit of math, meters would be near yards. Want to join this shorfen I’m probably about ready to get back into working on stuff. Yeah, I was playing with a younger guy last night and he had a bigger swing.

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