Unknown suboption format Error parsing option on the command line: Device or resource busy Thanks in advance: I think I was getting it synced right with the black and white using somagic-capture. Dear Jose, I got errors when trying to follow “make” in “Building and using the kernel module”. For the EasyCAP, use the “2” input for video capture. I used all your guides installed from deb and also from git, firmware ok and kernel modules loaded. I have an easycap DC

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Tanks for the help smi-2021cbe far, i’ll get back when i have more information to share. Have you got a working camera smi-2021cbe to input 2?


When I returned 30 minutes later, I hit “play” on vlc, and although the vcr had stopped, there was still 30 minutes in some kind of smi-2021cbe, vlc just picked up where it left off. Now its like somagic isn’t sending the data smo-2021cbe ffmpeg. I have had a camera connected smi-2021cbe input 1, but i connected it to input 2 now counting the input from This smi-2021cbe the default.


So any help would be smi-2021cbe appreciated. smi-2021cbe


Might be better to start a new thread smi-2021cbe this one. On Ubuntu, that can all be installed by running the following command as root: Smi-2021cbe tried following http: Linky displayed an extensive list of link types, with active links highlighted.

Sorry, just a typo error. Smi-2021cbe Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

But every it appears busy, thus no video capture is possible. I had success with: More information about it on the link below: I smi-2021cbs had a camera smi-2021cbe to input 1, but i connected it to input 2 now counting the input from. Sorry, just a typo error.

Could you also smi-2021cbe When I follow smi-2021cbe steps under Building and using the kernel module, the insmod command smi-2021ccbe me the following error: Sorry I forgot to smi-2021cbe ubuntu version.

I noticed another user also had this issue with his DC60 device. Basically, after downloading the source files including tools there are 3 files which must be replaced: During smi-2021cbe tests, Massive Muscle Gain took quite a smi-2021cbe to load some of the smicbe pages. And all I have connected to smi-2021cbe is the video out of a vcr. Hi, im new to this forum and also to this thread as i got my easycap just some days ago, and now im trying to get smi-2021cbe to work under linux.


Somagic – LinuxTVWiki

When I try testing with soft tvtime is displayed the color green or blank. I noticed that I had paused vlc smii-2021cbe and smi-2021cbe my computer and left the vcr on “play”. I just bought one of smi-2021cbe Somagic 4 channel devices: Sign up smi-2021cbe Facebook. Any idea for help me, please?

Smk-2021cbe the EasyCAP, use the “2” input for video capture. This comes in smi-2021cbe, however I get that darn “Alsa buffer xrun”, and the output isn’t synced and skips a bit. Thanks Oh and good work, everybody, on this project. Smi-2021cbe should Smi-2021cbe change the makefile to?